Twitch Streamers will soon be able to stop banned viewers from watching entirely

Twitch is a gaming platform that allows players to stream their gameplay, find new games, or watch other players play. It also offers social functions such as a chat function where users can interact with each other. While most people flock to Twitch because they are interested in a particular game, many others join as they love the personalities and entertainment that some streamers provide. While many streamers follow community guidelines, some do not and may be banned by the platform for violating its terms of service. This has left some viewers frustrated and others unsure of how they can express their opinions without breaking the rules.

Twitch has taken steps to tackle harassment and bullying on the platform. It has previously given the option for streamers to mute or block viewers, but it did not prevent blocked users from watching a stream. Now, it is offering a more powerful tool that will stop banned users from watching live streams. The update will be available to all streamers starting September. It will only prevent banned users from viewing a live broadcast, however, and they will still be able to view VODs and clips. This change was pointed out by streamer Lowco during a Patch Notes stream and confirmed by a Twitch spokesperson.

The ability to block a user from watching a live stream is a welcome addition for streamers. However, it will not stop a user from logging into a different account or using an incognito browser to circumvent the ban. This could allow a determined harasser to continue watching streams even after being banned from the platform. Twitch’s senior product manager, Trevor Fisher, noted that the platform is looking at other ways to address this issue.

Until now, the only way to stop banned users from watching a stream was to unsubscribe from their channel. This could be a good option for streamers who are concerned about being harmed by bad actors, but it isn’t a complete solution as those who are banned can still access the game on their computer or mobile device. Adding the ability to prevent a banned viewer from watching any content on the platform would be much more effective in addressing this problem.

Streaming platforms have become a popular place for children and teens to hang out and play with friends, but it’s important to familiarise yourself with how these sites work. This includes understanding their security and privacy settings, and knowing how to report inappropriate content. In addition, it’s important to encourage your child to be critical of what they are seeing online. It is also a good idea to teach your child how to recognise online advertising and influencer marketing. This will help them be aware of what they are viewing and make better decisions about what they should be sharing online.

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