Microsoft Paint hacks take it a step closer to being Photoshop

Creative minds across the world have come up with tricks and hacks to use microsoft paint more creatively, taking it a step closer to being photoshop. Microsoft paint, otherwise known as ms paint or simply paint, is a graphics editor developed by microsoft for its windows operating system.

A basic image-editing tool often used for simple visual tasks like changing colors and adding text, it is also highly capable of producing brilliant works of art; all thanks to some smart hacks developed by tech-savvy people. In recent years, there has been a visible increase in the number of creative people utilizing ms paint to do much more than what was initially intended for the application.

By taking full advantage of its features and knowing how to make them work together, creative minds have used microsoft’s user-friendly image editor for incredible artwork that rivals that created in higher end tools such as adobe photoshop.

One hack involves using layers which allow each element used on the canvas be tweaked separately without affecting any other element placed below or above it. This provides users with greater control over their work and makes editing easier. With multiple layers enabled in paint, users can play around with each one independently — something only available in more expensive photo editing software like photoshop until now!

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