GoPro Hero 12 Black: what we want to see

With its reinvention with the Hero 5 and Hero 6 a few years ago, GoPro captured the action camera market with stunning new features and an entirely new design. The company tweaked that design with the Hero 9 Black, but now it’s time for the next big upgrade. Thankfully, the Hero 12 Black seems to be on the way and it could bring exciting new hardware as well as some clever software improvements.

The rumours are flying, but there’s not much in the way of official confirmation. However, there are some pretty convincing images that have emerged. These appear to show the back of a new GoPro with a bigger edge-to-edge screen and slimmer borders. The images also suggest a larger image sensor, around 1 inch in size, which would be quite an improvement on the current model. There’s a marking on the side that suggests it might be the Hero 12, though we can’t be sure yet as the account that posted the pictures hasn’t shared any GoPro-related information before.

There are other hints that the new camera will be capable of recording faster video and better slow motion. For example, there’s been talk of a 4K 480fps mode that would let you record ultra-slow motion with stunning clarity. It’s not the 8K resolution that some people were hoping for, but a huge improvement over what you can get out of the Hero 11 Black.

Another major upgrade that would be welcomed by many is improved multi-cam functionality. Imagine being able to use the camera with different lenses, for instance, one lens for a wide angle shot and a longer lens for more precise shots. This could make it a lot easier to capture the perfect shot when you’re out and about.

Other potential upgrades include the ability to record a higher frame rate, which would be useful for capturing more detailed footage. There’s also talk of a dual camera function that could give you the option to record from two different angles at the same time, which would be ideal for vloggers or those who want to create more compelling content.

Lastly, the GP2 processor that was introduced with the Hero 10 Black is expected to be upgraded for the Hero 12 Black, which should deliver more creative photo options like star trails and time warps. There’s also talk of more intelligent photo features, similar to what we see on smartphones, including scene and subject recognition. We’re looking forward to seeing what GoPro has in store for the Hero 12 Black when it’s announced later this year.

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