Delta Force: Hawk Ops gets full reveal in explosive new trailer

A new game in the Delta Force franchise is on its way, with developers teasing both a campaign mode inspired by Black Hawk Down and large-scale PvP battles. The cross-platform title will be released on PC and consoles, as well as mobile devices.

This first-person shooter will cast players in Operation Restore Hope, the U.S. special operations mission in Somalia portrayed in the Ridley Scott film. The mission became infamous for an episode in which Somali militiamen shot down two American Blackhawk helicopters. Gamers will take the role of a member of Delta Force, and they’ll be sent to the country to restore order and deliver famine aid.

The trailer shows an intriguing mix of street fighting, building-clearing and long-range sniping. The high energy action looks like it should appeal to fans of the genre, even if they’ve never seen the movie that the game is inspired by.

As for the large-scale multiplayer, the teaser video showcases a squad engaging in a chaotic firefight as it battles terrorists and tribal militia on a vast open-world battlefield. The developers promise that the game will be “a true authentic combat experience,” so fans can expect to engage in a variety of missions inspired by real-world events.

Interestingly, the developer behind this Delta Force game is TiMi Studio Group, which is known for Call of Duty Mobile and Metal Slug Code: J. The company’s business model will naturally make this an ad-supported experience, but the studio promises that it’ll also have a paid version of the title available.

It’s unclear exactly how the paid version will differ, but it should offer more in-game currency, unlockable weapons and other premium content. In addition, the paid version may support a wider range of platforms than the free-to-play option.

The Delta Force franchise has been relatively dormant since 2009, when the last title in the series was released. The original developer, NovaLogic, has since closed down, and THQ Nordic bought the rights to the franchise from the IP owner, Chinese megacorporation Tencent. This new Delta Force: Hawk Ops game will use the same engine as NovaLogic’s 1998 release, but it has been updated to meet modern gaming standards. Gamers can look forward to a campaign mode inspired by Black Hawk Down, large-scale “immersive” multiplayer and other improvements.

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